Paint Commissions

by David Bock

Along with reviews, I offer paint commissions for board games. Below, I’ve enclosed my current rates (subject to change). If you’re interested in having me paint your miniatures, drop me an email at and I’ll be in touch.

Blood Rage with Premium Painting (including masked edges and premium bases).

Terms of Service

50% due at signing (non-refundable), remaining balance due upon completion (along with return shipping cost). Every attempt will be made to finish them within 6 weeks (typical for 40 – 80 miniatures), however, please allow 10 weeks. Paint quality is meant to pass the “three-foot rule” (for tabletop gaming).

All Commissions Include:

  • Zenith priming.
  • Color application with washes and limited color palette.
  • Additional tonal shading.
  • Simple basing – textured paint, wash, single flock color
  • Matte Sealing Clearcoat + Matte Anti-Shine Varnish


$7. Average (~30mm or smaller). Example: Scythe characters.
$14. Large (~50/70mm). Example: Blood rage monsters..
$28. Extra Large (~90/120mm). Example: Cthulu Wars Gods.
NOTE: There is a $40 minimum order. So, if you only order one or two minis, it will cost $40.

$1. Masked base (recommended) – sides of base will be masked before painting
$1. Premium base – multiple flocking items such as snow and rocks.

35 – 60 miniatures. Save 5%
60 – 100 miniatures. Save 10%
100+ miniatures. Save 15%
Note: Discounts are not applied to add ons.

GUARANTEED RUSH PAINTING (Subject to availability).
50% more. 5 weeks from payment/received.
100% more. 3 weeks from payment/received.
– Rush fees will be applied to the final balance (if finished on time).

Standard Game Prices

$175. Base Game (25 minis at $7 each)
$70. Invaders From Afar (10 minis at $7 each)
$98. Wind Gambit (7 airships at $14 each)
$140. Rise of Fenris (Contents Hidden / Spoilers)
     With premium bases and masked edges: $550.

$42. Complete Game (3 rockets at $14 each)

Scythe Miniatures with Standard Painting, Premium Bases and Masked Edges
Space Park Miniatures with Standard painting for Keymaster Games @ Gen Con 2018