NO CHARGE, plus a final copy of the game.

Send us a PDF of your rules and we’ll see if it’s a game we’re interested in. If it is, we will write an honest review of your game. Be aware that we’re very critical of graphic design and artwork. If the game is a demo, we request a final copy of the game once published, as payment. Beyond that, we do not charge for game reviews.

NO CHARGE, plus a final copy of the game.

We will produce a video of your game in HD on YouTube/Twitch/Facebook at a specified time. This will be filmed on one of our smaller cameras for simplicity and will feature one or both of us talking over your game and the components. Please be aware that we have strong opinions on graphic design and artwork and will not hold back opinion on these videos. We do not guarantee a positive review but we will always do our best to be constructive.

TURNAROUND: That all depends. We simply add it to the list of games. If we dislike a game we may choose not to review it. Our goal is 120 days. Time-sensitive games can be done in 60 days by request at no additional charge.

Need it fast? $400 for rush delivery (30 days).