We’re almost there. Only 14 followers as of this post to reaching 1000 on instagram. That completely blows my mind. When we hit that number, I’ll be setting up a giveaway for Gamelyn Games, TINY EPIC WESTERN (special thanks to them for providing the copy).

And of course, I felt the need to comment on my youtube channel which has been very slow going. While working on this board game review thing, I’ve also been writing a novel (specifically YA Fantasy). For more info on this you can check out www.davidbockwrites.com and follow me on twitter at davidbockwrites if you have any interest. That said, I am currently revising my book. and all the while I’ve been trying to decide what I wanted to do as far as style for this youtube series. And, I’ve finally made a decision. I want this channel to feel a bit Vlogbrothers / Tested / Shut Up Sit Down. My reviews are going to be short, less than 10 minutes and at least in the beginning, I’m not going to spend much time going over the rules as there are many excellent channels that do this. My goal is to create a short video that gives you a basic idea of gameplay and then my thoughts. I may also do videos on organizing games, making things for your games, small painting tips etc.

Timeline. Right. Well, I hope to have the youtube channel started by the end of June. That’s my current goal and hopefully, I can do better than that.

Thanks for the support!