Paint Commission

POST BY DAVID BOCK. Another commission complete. I absolutely love painting Scythe. In part because it’s a challenge (as the minis aren’t very detailed) and second because I know them well enough now to improve upon my previous work. I tried something new with this one, painting the base colors and highlights with the airbrush and then coming in afterward for the details. It really made a huge difference.

I plan on doing a painting video in the future, likely for my painting I did for the SPACE PARK rockets for Gen Con 2018 with Keymaster Games. They’re very simple and easy to paint, while still being creative. 

If you have any questions at all on how I painted these or what I used, please feel free to ask. I’m an open book and always happy to share any of my “secrets”. That includes my photography and videography as well. I’ve always felt that a rising tide raises all ships — so if you’re struggling with something that you think I can help at, just let me know!

And if you’re interested in having me paint your minis, go here!

Have an awesome day!