Paint Commission

POST BY DAVID BOCK. I am so happy with how these rockets turned out. I was worried about the extremely simple nature of these rockets and decided I’d make that integral to the look. I’d considered getting super detailed with them but I think that’d take away from the theme and ambience of the game. By keeping each rocket (in general) to a “two-color” scheme, they blend in.

Our friends at Keymaster Games reached out to me about painting them and I was both honored and nervous. I love these guys (they were the first company to ever provide me a review copy of a game) and I wanted to do their game justice. Plus, I knew I’d be demoing the game at Gen Con as I had volunteered to help them out a bit on Saturday (which ended up being so much fun). They asked for three schemes. One that matched the game and two that were unique.

For the first, I wanted to match the look and feel of the cover as much as I could (and likely this will be the look I go with for my own game.

For the second, I wanted to go with a Flash Gordon (yellow and red) scheme. I loved the rust red it ended up having and I’m very partial to it.

For the third, Kyle (Keymaster Games) suggested a “cosmonaut” look and so the red and silver was the result.

Hope these inspire you to paint your own miniatures and if you have any questions — as always, never hesitate to ask! I’m an open book!

And if you’re interested in having me paint your minis, go here!

Have an awesome day!