We’ve been getting lots of emails and messaging from fans of our Instagram page as well as family and friends, wanting to know what our YouTube channel will be all about and when it will launch. February it seems was an insane deadline when I had no idea what I was doing or what I really wanted. And like the writer I am, many drafts later, I finally have a plan.

So here’s the official announcement.

Along with reviews – the focus of the Bock’s Games brand will be … drumroll … making! You heard that right. As an aspiring maker and maker-enthusiast I’ve fallen in love recently with some amazing channels out there and have decided to set my sights on bringing this same enjoyment to the board game community. So what does that all mean? What sort of “maker things” will the channel have?

YouTube Channel Overview!

  • INSERT BUILDS! I’ll be designing and building custom inserts for my favorite board games. Likely, I will design these in sketch up and then put together a video crafting these inserts set to wonderful royalty-free music. My main source of inspiration in the look and feel would be Laura Kampf (and if you haven’t seen her stuff, go check it out). I’ll also be including how-to sections showing where I get my ideas and how I prototype them. I’ll be doing some extra special touches to these inserts as well to make them more than just a foam core shell. And at the beginning – the plans will be free on this website, though I’m sure that Patreon will get involved at some point.
  • CUSTOM GAME PIECES! I’ll be designing and building custom game pieces for different games. Wood tokens. Dice trays. List goes on. I want these to be relatively easy for anyone to make or do on their own at home. My goal is not to offer these for sale, but to make it be something that an enthusiast with a little time and patience can make without breaking their budget.
  • REVIEWS! Yep. I’ll still have these but they will be very short (less than 5 min when possible). These will be proper REVIEWS, not overviews. I won’t be going over the rules much because there are many excellent sites that offer this already. I want people to get a feel for the game and I’m not pulling punches. The first half of these videos will be me setting up the game, close ups of the parts, etc.
  • COLLABORATIONS! I want to do these so bad and we already have one planned with A VINTAGE VANITY.
  • AND MORE! Yes. More. I’ll be doing tips. Explaining game types. Showing where to get supplies. Possibly some painting tips as well. Everything I can offer to help gamers out and I’ll be taking your feedback on a regular basis.

When will this all start?

Well. See. I don’t know. I’m hoping within the next two weeks. My big goal right now is to have SOMETHING up on the site before GenCon. That’d be my big plan. It might not be super exciting, but it’ll be an excellent place holder for things to come! As of right now — Instagram reviews are on hold while I focus on getting this thing up and running and once it is, the reviews will start being on there with notes on Instagram to go watch them! I’ll be posting a TON from GenCon50, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for your support and if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to message me or leave a comment below!